Michael Vincent, LPCMH

Michael has worked in the mental health field for nearly 15 years providing services for all age ranges to those having experienced a variety of universal impairments affecting thought processes. Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, with a minor in Criminal Justice in 2003. Subsequently, he moved on to study psychology more in depth, graduating with his Masters Degree in Community Counseling in 2007. Michael has worked in diverse environments, providing services for individuals within an array of different settings, including the following: Adult Prison Systems, Level 4 & 5 facilities for adjudicated youth, outpatient substance abuse facilities, and community centers. In addition, he’s primarily employed by the State of Delaware, where he delivers early intervention services for elementary aged children and their families within the Brandywine School District. Michael has received advanced trainings on PTSD and is credentialed as a National Board of Certified Counselor, along with being a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health. Michael utilizes an eclectic approach when counseling while incorporating motivational tactics and improving cognitive behavior functioning.